Secure Commerce Solutions

At, we offer a full range of secure Internet commerce solutions. We have options to match every budget and level of sophistication. Whether you want a simple "print and fax" form or a complete shopping cart setup that does everything from keeping track of inventory to authorizing charge card payments and depositing the funds into your bank account.

Here's a brief rundown on the types of online commerce available at

Full "Shopping Cart" Solutions

A full shopping cart solution makes use of the cutting edge technology for secure electronic commerce on the web. A shopping cart system merges with a database listing all of your products along with pricing information, inventory availability and shipping charges.

Visitors to your web site browse through listings of your products. They can view pictures and descriptive text for each item. When a visitor decides to purchase an item, all they need do is click one button to add the item to their "shopping cart." After they have decided on all their purchases, they click on the "checkout" button. The software automatically checks inventory availability, computes shipping charges and sales tax, and displays the completed order.

Additional features include the ability to automatically authorize and process charges, then deposit the funds right into your account.

We'd be glad to discuss your online commerce needs and provide a custom price quote for the solution that's right for your business. Just complete this brief questionnaire.

Online Response Order Forms

An online response order form allows your customers to enter their information right into the form on their browser. The information they enter is then sent to you via email. We recommend that you host your order form on our secure server. This ensures that all information entered on the form, including credit card numbers, is encrypted before being sent over the Internet. The only costs involved with this type of order form are the charges for HTML creation and the small yearly fee for access to the secure server.

Print-and-Fax Forms

A "print and fax" form is simply a web page with an order form on it which the user may print out and then fill in and fax or mail to you along with payment information or a check. This type of order form does not require use of a secure server and is the least expensive and most basic option for taking orders online. The only cost involved in implementing an order form of this type is the fee for developing the html. If you create the HTML for your site, then there are no additional costs involved.

Some businesses like to put up a print-and-fax order form even if they also offer an online response form. This comes in handy for those who wish to mail their order in with a check. Additionally, some people still do not feel comfortable sending their credit card information via email. Although this is a largely unfounded fear, a print-and-fax form will accommodate these customers.

Internet Shopping --
What does it mean to your business?

  • A competitive advantage?
  • A 24 hour store front?
  • Expanding your potential marketplace to the millions of users on the Internet?
Until now the advantages of electronic commerce have been available only to those organizations who were able to invest a considerable amount of time and financial resources in development. provides comprehensive, customizable, online shopping solutions for those businesses that want to establish a store front on the World Wide Web. Your customers can easily find the right products and place their orders on our secure web servers.

Ease of Deployment

Integrating a catalog of products with a Web site can be a time consuming process requiring considerable technical and financial resources. can dramatically reduce your time to market. We will help prepare your product descriptions and pictures to enhance your customer's shopping experience.

Integrates Existing Technology Export product information from your databases, reducing the time-consuming task of data entry. Import order information into your accounting and inventory systems.
Support for many payment methods Provide your customers with instant credit card order approval and even settlement (transfer of funds) as well as other payment methods specific to your business needs.
Support for secure Web transactions uses SSL encryption technology for secure and private transfer of personal or financial information over the Internet.
Automatic shipping charge calculation Specify the calculation of shipping charges by weight, number of items, or sales total.
Automatic order notification Provide your order processing department with e-mail notification as soon as an order has been placed.
Order Confirmation Customers have the ability to print out an order confirmation providing them with the order reference number.
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